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Should You Eliminate Insects From Your Surroundings?

Having insects in your home can no doubt be a little annoying and most home owners will go through a lot of effort and will spend a lot of money on pest control however, it is important for us to stop and understand the role that each of these insects play in our eco system. Every insect exists for a reason and they play a major role in the eco system and in our survival as humans. We often kill them and dismiss their existence out of complete ignorance but elimination of these creatures will be the downfall of the human race.

As an example, most people will not think twice about cruel bee control methods but what these people do not understand is that we need bees in our surroundings because they are very beneficial to the environment that we live in. In fact, if bees were to ever go extinct, the human race would cease to exist because of the vital role that bees play in our world. The sad reality is that many uneducated humans continue to harm the bee population causing bees to lower in numbers. Bees have recently been added to the protected species list of insects because their numbers are dropping rapidly and humans cannot survive without bees. 

Humane and no-kill methods

It is completely understandable that humans cannot survive with insects in their immediate environment and therefore we need to find humane methods of getting them out of our homes and in to the gardens without harming them. With bees, this can be done with the use of sweet food such as ripe fruit that can be used to lure the insects away from your house.

Possum control can also be done without harming the possums. It simply takes a few minutes of research on the internet to find cruelty free and easy methods of getting rid of these animals from your home without harming them.

There are small cages that can be bought which do not harm the animal which can help you to catch the animal and release him far away from your home. When buying these traps, it is vital for you to check if they are truly cruelty free as some traps are extremely cruel and can be very dangerous not only for the animal itself but for you and your pets. Use these traps with a small piece of food to catch the animal and find a place far away from residential area to release him without harming him.

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